Our Home Building Process Starts With Listening

  • Planning: Here is where we listen to your needs, wants and desires to help you craft the home that you have envisioned.
  • Lot or home site: We will meet you at the lot or site to discuss advantages and disadvantages in regards to house placement. We will review slopes, drainage - natural and otherwise, views, sun orientation as well as natural landscape features.
  • Blueprints: Brightleaf Development works in conjunction with the architect and interior designer to aid in the design and pricing of the home of your dreams.
  • Bidding: We will solicit and procure multiple bids for the various aspects of the construction. We have developed a cadre of reliable, top-performing trade contractors and suppliers who have been with us for many years.
  • Contract: Our current contract has been redesigned and refined over the course of 30 years. Our intent is to keep it up-to-date and fair for both parties and will continue to do so.
    • Changes to the contract: In over 30 years in the homebuilding business, we have yet to build a home without modifications once construction has begun.
    • Changes are not to be feared: we understand that for most people, it's hard to visualize an architectural detail until the construction has started. However, be aware that the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to make decisions is in the design phase.
  • Our Client Workbook: Many customers have considered this to be their ‘Building Bible’. We have developed a unique method for making the process of building easier on our busy clients. The Client Workbook organizes all of your decisions, answers your questions, provides personalized information on suppliers and materials and much more.
  • Timeline: Our computerized timeline is always up-to-date. You will know what phase of construction your house is in at any given time.

Decision Schedule: Included on your timeline is our customized decision schedule. It consists of a list of all the decisions (materials, colors, styles, etc.) that you will need to make throughout the entire project. You will receive the decision schedule, along with the timeline, before we break ground. This way, you will always know in advance what choices have to be made and have plenty of time to make your decisions.

  • Construction: We will assign a Project Manager to you to manage the construction of your home, with the remaining partners intimately involved and operating as a support network. You will always deal with the same person, someone who is onsite daily, is familiar with your house intimately and can answer your questions or concerns.
  • Job site visits: We will schedule regular progress meetings for you and will have all the people involved with the current status of your home in attendance - including the architect, designer, and trade professionals.
  • Final walk-through: We will join you and your architect in a walk-through of your home before you move in. This is where we will assist you in understanding the operation of the components of your house and compile a final checklist of any remaining items that may need to be finalized.
  • Move-in: At Brightleaf Development Co we don’t just build your house, wish you well, and walk away. We will supply you with the information you need to make your moving task easier. We will also provide you, with our compliments, a one-year subscription membership to Brightleaf Customer Care with all the services and privileges related to that program. This is a maintenance and repair service in addition to our one year warranty.
  • Punch Lists: We understand that with the complexity of building a truly custom home not everything goes perfectly. However, keeping you thrilled with your home is important to us.
    • 30 Days: So, after you have moved in and lived in your new house for at least 30 days, we ask you to please compile a list of things that you would like repaired or adjusted. We will schedule the repairs to be completed as soon as possible.
    • Year End: We will also contact you after you have lived in your home for eleven months for our year-end review. Even though every home we build is engineered to perform optimally, natural products act, well, naturally. Therefore, as your home moves through its first cycle of seasons, you should expect some issues to arise. Most of these will be paint and caulk but there may be others as well, and this is when we address these.
  • Warranty: We provide a one-year warranty, which commences upon receipt of a Certificate of Occupancy from the local Building Inspection office. We adhere to the nationally accepted standards as published in “Residential Construction Performance Guidelines” - Consumer Reference (third edition). At the start of year two is when your subscription to our Brightleaf Customer Care maintenance program begins.