What exactly does your company do?

This is a question that we frequently get.  It is understandable since Brightleaf Customer Care is on the cutting edge of home maintenance.  Two main categories are involved:

Subscription:  When you sign up for our service an inspection will be scheduled.  During the initial maintenance inspection, a detailed examination will be done on all aspects of your home from roof top to crawl space or basement.  A team member will review the report with you to determine the maintenance and/or repairs your home needs to keep you safe and healthy. Following our clients’ lead, we catch up on all the repairs and maintenance items by either using our own staff or managing our sub-contracted trade professionals for the home owner.  We are then available every day for any needs that may come up, even for common around-the-house help. This process we repeat every year to keep the house in top shape! We will also offer vacation inspections for your peace of mind while you are away.

Renovations: We provide one-stop-shopping for all your remodeling needs from a bathroom remodel to an addition on the home.  BCC is affiliated with BrightLeaf Development, LLC, a company with a long-standing reputation for preeminent building practices.  One of the biggest worries a homeowner faces during remodeling is the disruption of the family’s lifestyle in their home.  Brightleaf goes to great lengths in order to minimize that impact by protecting the existing home from the construction process. We build temporary walls within the house or create temporary access so that our trades people and material can enter the construction area without disturbing the living area, we also fence off our staging zone so that children and/or pets are deterred from entering.  In many cases the extra effort to protect areas from construction debris and noise does not increase the cost of the project. We find that efficiency is gained by easier and faster access for workers and materials.


Why go to the expense of an inspection when we are in need of an obvious repair?

Our goal is to build a “relationship” with your home by establishing a thorough baseline of knowledge through the home inspection.  This places us in the best possible position to be proactive by addressing issues before they become a problem.  We do not just want to fix the “squeaky wheel” – we want to keep it from squeaking in the first place.  When problems do arise, our knowledge of the home will afford us the ability to tackle it at the root cause, not just the symptom.


What is the benefit of Subscription membership?

You will never have to deal with a repair issue alone again.   Once you are a subscriber to our services we are your “one stop” source for all your home repair issues.   Call us even if you just need advice or a question answered.   BCC also offers a $250.00 referral fee to our subscribers who refer someone to us, who in turn sign up for our service.


My home is only 5 years old and I decided to have it inspected for peace of mind. The repair list was long and the cost of repairs gave me a case of sticker shock. Is this normal for a 5-year-old home?

An industry accepted standard states that home owners should expect to spend between 1% and 3% of their home’s value every year in repairs and maintenance.   If regular, yearly maintenance and inspections are performed, that number can be closer to 1%.   Putting it off will get you closer to 3%. And that’s per year, so don’t put off those inspections!


I own a new home, why would I need your service?

Owning a new home is even more of a reason to take advantage of the Brightleaf Customer Care Service. A new home is one of the largest investments people make in their lifetime. The BCC home inspection develops a list of components and establishes a base of reference that aids in future comparisons, helping to detect  adverse changes faster.

  • If your “new” home is a resale we can qualify any potential repair issues with a pre-closing inspection.
  • If your “new” home is new construction we can do a pre-warranty/closing inspection establishing a qualified third party “punch list” for your Builder to complete before you make final payment.

What are some of the common problems you find during your inspections?

  • Water leaks in shower pans, due to:
    • improper caulking or  caulking not maintained
  • Roof deficiencies in roofs that have not yet reached the end of useful life:
    • Torn/deteriorated shingles
    • Raised shingles
    • Flashing damage/deterioration
    • Unsealed roofing components
    • All of these can lead to water intrusion and further damage
  • Electrical deficiencies:
    • Panel box wires rusted
    • Improper panel breakers
    • Loose wires
    • Malfunctioning GFCI devices
    • All of these can lead to fires and/or personal injury

The south side of my home takes a lot of sun and rain. The wood is cracking and looks heavily weathered. My neighbor says it’s rotting. What can I do?

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon problem with today’s fast growing wood products. All of the old growth, tight-grain trees have been cut down and the fast growth, loose grain trees tend to rot faster. Your rotted siding and trim can be pulled off and replaced with new, weather resistant products like Hardiplank and Azek that look just like wood but won’t rot. We have expertise at installing these products so, let us know how we can help!


I have a very big and very old home that I just love. My energy bills, however, are another matter. Am I just stuck with these high bills?

Older homes were built in a time when energy was not so expensive. Home owners could just burn wood or oil as much as they needed. As you’ve noticed times have changed. Although changing and improving your window package may be beneficial, the biggest ‘bang for your buck’ is in updating your home’s mechanical systems and appliances and keeping your home’s envelope air-tight. At Brightleaf Customer Care we have the experience and expertise in inspecting, improving and renovating older homes.


I see mold on the outside of my house. How can I prevent that?

Moisture damage can cause discoloration of wood or fiberboard siding. This can be caused by leaks in the siding, condensation within the walls, and rainwater splashing back up against the siding.

Check the caulking around windows and doors, at corners and other joints in the siding, at the eaves where the wall and eave meet or where the siding meets masonry. Replace any damaged caulk. Use ASTM C-920 caulk. Be careful not to fill weep holes at the base of windows or doors or drainage holes at the base of the siding or masonry.  If rainwater is overflowing the gutters, the gutters may be blocked with leaves and other debris. This can cause moisture issues in your house.  BCC has the resources to repair all of these problems for you.

Take precautions on the inside of your home to prevent mold problems also:

In the summer the relative humidity should not exceed 55% in the main level of the house with proper dehumidification and air conditioning.  You should not operate the humidifier during the summer months. If your hardwood floors show cupping or buckling, the humidity may be too high.  This might also be due to a water leak in your house.  You should close windows to keep warm humid outside air from entering the house.  Using a dehumidifier or the air conditioner to help dry out the house may be necessary.