Brightleaf Customer Care believes in a holistic approach to home maintenance.  The  focus of our inspection is to look at your home as an integrated "whole", not just at its individual components.

We believe in taking an energy conscious approach to home maintenance by being proactive and addressing issues before they become wasteful major problems.

• When you sign up for our service an inspection will be scheduled.

• During the initial maintenance inspection, a detailed examination will be done on all aspects of your home from roof top to crawl space or basement.

• Our team looks behind the rotten windowsill to find the source of the damage. We not only fix the cosmetic symptoms of a problem, we tackle its root cause.

• We are also on the lookout for future problems as well as current ones. This allows us to identify any future abnormalities before major damage occurs. It also gives us the diagnostic advantage of looking at your home in the context of its interactive components.

• Our inspector will produce a 20 – 60 page report of his findings including illustrations, photos and diagrams of your home. A team member will review the report with you to determine the maintenance and/or repairs your home needs, to keep you safe and healthy.

"When we inspect your home, we ensure that all of its systems are working, not just as individual parts, but as an integrated whole. Your car runs more efficiently when the tires are properly inflated, aligned, and balanced. Likewise, your home’s HVAC system performs most efficiently when the insulation is in place, the weather stripping is intact, and the doors and windows are working properly."

What our clients say:

We are very pleased we signed up for the BCC Home Inspection and Maintenance Service. The inspection revealed several maintenance issues, many hidden, which needed our attention…
Paul Elstro