From Picking up the Pieces … To Providing Peace of Mind.

Brightleaf Customer Care offers complete restoration services for fire, water and wind, as well as for insurance claims.

One single bolt of lightning was all it took to completely devastate this home.  Amazingly the homeowner was inside, survived without injury and was lucky enough to have time to save the family pictures and valuables.  Fire then took the rest.

The family’s main priority in rebuilding was to maintain the look and feel of the colonial era design, but also to modernize some of the features and flow of their new home.

Clearing down to just the original foundation gave us a clean slate to  provide the family with the peace of mind of now having both:  an enduring structure and the look and feel of a home they love.

Upon returning from vacation, the owners opened the door to their home and found 2 inches of standing water on the main and master bedroom level of their home and 3+ inches, which had saturated through the floors and ceilings, all the way down to the basement.  A toilet supply line in the second story master bath cracked and leaked water into their home for approximately 48 to 72 hours.  It was estimated that up to 50,000 gallons of water spread through the home.

The bottoms of the upper kitchen cabinets and the drawers and shelves of the bases were soaked through with water, thus were sagging and split.  All the sheetrock was soaked and the hardwood flooring had to be completely re-finished.  Much of the custom cherry paneling was so badly water damaged it all had to be removed.

The only things salvageable from the cabinets were the door and drawer fronts, which were donated to Habitat for Humanity.

In both of the cases above working and building a trusting relationship with the national insurance agencies involved was an integral part of the process.